Avoid Using Hair Dryer Too Often

For women, hair dryer or hair styling tools dryer is essential to enhance your appearance. Before the move, not least among women who arrange their hair by using a hair dryer. However, it should be realized that this tool also has the side effect for your hair.

Micki Charles, hairdressers, Cutler / Redken Salons revealed, ideally you should not dry your hair with a hair dryer is more than three times a week. "Because, if done too often, the natural oils on the scalp will dry and disappear. In fact, this oil is useful to protect hair from the elements that interfere with vitality," he said.

Related to how long it takes to dry your hair with a hair dryer, Albert K, owner of Top Secret Salon and Spa in New York and expert styling of Professional Hair ForStyler explained, if the drying process depends on the type and thickness of each hair. Therefore, Albert K suggest you pay attention to the stages of drying before using the hair dryer.

"For curly hair or fluffy, dry about 30 percent. For straight hair and coarse, dry about 70 percent and for damaged hair, dry about 80 percent," said Albert K.

Well, another thing you should look into the use of a hair dryer is to never forget to protect your hair before drying. Albert K advise you to apply a protective serum of heat on your hair. Therefore, this serum is useful to avoid dry or damaged hair that should not happen.

"You also have to keep the hair in good condition remains when you do not use a hair dryer. In the form of deep conditioning treatments or hair mask should be applied on the base of the hair to the ends to nourish the hair thoroughly," said Albert K.

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