Eye Color Customizable with Laser Surgery

Some women want to change the color of the eyes to enhance your appearance. Therefore, contact lenses featuring different iris color of the original color being hunted. But now, a company called Stroma Medical uses laser technology to change eye color.

"The fundamental principle is under any brown eyes are blue eyes. The difference between brown eyes with blue eyes only a very thin layer of pigment on the surface," said Gregg Homer, one of the doctors who tested the laser technology.

Homer describes, to change the color of the iris is done by lifting the thin pigment. Then, the laser light will enter into the stroma and when light is split, it will show a layer of blue end of the spectrum.

According to the official website of the company that is based in California, the United States, the procedure to change the eye color only lasts for 20 seconds. Then, within four weeks, the color of the iris will change completely. Well, if this kind of procedure is safe for health?

According to Dr. David Alessi, a dermatologist, procedures performed by Stroma is an innovative way to get rid of brown pigment in brown eyes then change to blue. However, there has not been enough research to know the long term effects of laser procedures with it.

"When this procedure has been tested FDA (American Institute for Drug Control), the issue of security can be given an answer. This treatment is menguarkan risks such as glaucoma and cataracts," said Dr. Alessi.

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