Perfume Hair, Hair Problem Solving Not Actual

Hair anticipate malodorous or not confident when I have met people, sometimes carried out by spraying perfume shortcut to the hair surface. Not only that, in fact, the habit of spraying perfume to hair is seen as an opportunity by some manufacturers of hair care products to create the latest innovations, namely perfume hair.

Whereas in fact, hair perfume only cause new problems rather than solve the problem. Vivi Tri Anda, as the Research and Development of PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk, when met at the restaurant Blue Jasmine, Jakarta at the Dove Hair Treatment, giving an analogy. "As someone who has not bathed, but just spraying perfume. Just stick to the surface, but the real problem is not addressed properly. As another example, body odor which is only applied cologne or body spray. Should, could perform a ritual bath and after wearing deodorant with anti-bacterial content, "he explained.

Furthermore, Vivi explains, "If the hair is noticeably dirty, ranging from itching, somewhat flattened at the base of the hair, and began to emit odor, kunciny, immediately to rinse the hair with shampoo. Fragrances are just artificial hair that nature does not last long and naturally. Indirectly, hair perfume has no function at all, "added Vivi. Vivi explained also that the accumulation of oil and dirt on the scalp, can still grow and become problems such as odor and itching, which eventually lead to serious problems such as dandruff. So, rather than relying on fragrances hair, take the time to wash routine.

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